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Are you interested in volunteering at Whiskey Ridge Rescue?

The basics of our volunteer program are covered here, and at the end of the page, push the button to send in a new volunteer form!

Be prepared to work hard, get dirty, break a sweat and change lives.


Volunteer Requirements

  • Must sign liability waiver and assume all responsibility for accident/injury
  • Adult volunteers must be able to pick up 50lbs
  • Must be able to perform physical labor, such as pushing/pulling a loaded wheelbarrow
  • Must wear closed toed shoes
  • Must be at least 15 years of age to volunteer without a parent present
  • Must be respectful, able to follow instructions, adhere to barn/property rules, be comfortable around large equines & work independently
  • Must be able to adhere to volunteer hours: Monday - Saturday |  8-10AM & 5-7PM
  • MUST attend an offered volunteer orientation day at WRR prior to volunteering!!!
  • Please contact Whiskey Ridge Rescue to find out the next scheduled volunteer orientation days, twice monthly.
Some tasks you may be asked to complete during morning & evening chores:
  • Mucking stalls (All stalls mucked twice daily, at least)
  • Feeding/throwing hay in horse feeders and filling all water buckets (Done 2-4 times a day)
  • Filling dog/cat/small animal bowls with their specific food and fresh water
  • Hand walking horses & dogs 
  • “Treat stretches” or “Carrot stretches” to help with rehabbing certain equines (You will need instructions) 
  • Barn aisle clean up
  • Grooming/Shedding out horses
  • Putting fly gear on in the warmer months & winter blankets on in the colder temps
  • Bath times (horses & dogs)
  • Catching and/or turning out horses 
  • Sanitizing stalls/kennels, scrubbing buckets & feed bowls, post-quarantine clean up procedures
Additional Volunteer Needs Include (But are not limited to):
  • Bucking hay bales during hay season & stacking bales in the barn for storage
  • Pasture & fence line clean-up
  • Construction projects & rescue improvements
  • Help with special events/fundraisers/open barn days
  • Food prep/serving guests/concessions
  • Prepping & cleaning barn for events
  • Decorating barn & setting up games, booths, etc.
  • Running games, booths, stations or parking/entry during events
Please contact us following the completion of the volunteer form to get on the schedule for a volunteer orientation day and confirm review of your form. We are grateful for our volunteers and look forward to working with you!

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