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Jami Taylor

​I often get asked...
"Why do you rescue?" or "How did you get started?"

Well, I could spend 3 hours trying to explain why or how and most likely just talk y'all in circles. I'll try to keep it short though. If not now... then when? If not me... then who?

For many years, I felt a need to do something, a restlessness I couldn't explain. I had juggled my way through a college degree, multiple jobs, 3 kids, and a whole lot of chaos. I still wasn't content.

Then, Cowboy came into my life. We were looking for a horse for my daughter and went to look at a pony. A pony we did find, but we found so much more. Living in a tiny back yard with downed fencing everywhere and not a blade of grass, was a skinny paint gelding and a mare with horrendous hooves. Oh-- and a fat little pony. Well, needless to say, I brought them all home... much to the dismay of my husband.

Watching Cowboy gain weight and flourish sparked something inside of me. A few more skinny, beat up horses later (including Whiskey, my reckless, hot mess heart horse) and a supportive family-- Whiskey Ridge Rescue was born.

Its been a crazy, emotional journey, but I have found my calling. God knew what he was doing when he sent me after that ornery pony. He had a plan. I was just too stubborn to listen and follow His word until 2016.

So, why do I rescue? Because I'm supposed to. And I will continue to help souls in need until I'm told otherwise.

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