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Our sponsorship program is for people that want to become more involved, by making a difference in a horse's life. You allow us to continue our rescue efforts when you take part in sponsoring a WRR horse!

Why Sponsor?

​Did you know... across America, thousands of horses wait in “limbo” for a home? These horses depend on us while they're searching for their forever family or while we're pouring TLC into rehabilitating them to full health. ​There are thousands of people who adore horses nationwide, but due to age, health, time, or cost, they cannot call a horse their very own.

A large portion of the horses that get rescued are in need of a lot of special care, such as:

  • Extra feed/grain and hay
  • supplements
  • dental appointments
  • vet visits
  • farrier work

Caring for and maintaining the Whiskey Ridge herd is both expensive and time consuming. Often times, one horse will spend months with us just to receive the intensive TLC they need to be ready for their new lives. We intake horses in some of the worst conditions, physically and mentally... and we always do our best to ensure they are ready to go on to their next step. Ultimately, we want every single WRR horse to feel happy, healthy & loved.

Sponsorship costs as much (or as little) as you are willing to pay each month! You can also sponsor more than one horse of your choosing.

The cost of basic care per horse is approximately $10 per day, or around $250 per month for each horse in our care. Our goal is to reach sponsorships for each horse that total $250 per month. Can you help a horse in need today?

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