Surrender Your Horse

Thinking of surrendering your Horse, Pony, Donkey or Mule?

Please Read this Entire Page Carefully.

WRR Only accepts horses on a very limited case-by-case basis, so we can provide the best care possible to the horses already with us. We absolutely refuse to take on more than we are able to accommodate at any present time! Our goal is to help many, but our priority is always to give each horse their absolute best chance. We must rescue responsibly.

Showing up at our facility with your horse will NOT guarantee we take your equine. If you'd like to discuss surrendering an equine to WRR, please take the time to fill out our surrender form below with honesty, integrity and as many details as possible. We can secure the best future for your equine if we have their accurate information and history to work with! We understand life happens, hard times fall on everyone and things can get out of control-- this process is not meant to embarrass you in any way and if you've already made it this far on our page, we have respect that you are choosing to seek a good future for your horse.

Once the decision is made, the equine has been officially surrendered to WRR and the form has been signed, the horse is legally owned by Whiskey Ridge Rescue. All rights have been terminated by the previous owners, and all further decisions are made by the WRR Team, at our own discretion. We can not return your horse to you, if you change your mind, UNLESS you are able to cover the cost of his care, board and treatment while they were in our possession.

Please note: We are NOT a retirement facility or sanctuary. We operate as a rescue, whose main goal is to rehabilitate, rehome and promise a secure future for each equine we receive in our care. Each equine will be evaluated by qualified individuals, seen by trainers, vets, farriers, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. as needed and ads will be posted on our website and social media in hopes to find their adoptive home. We place each animal according to their training level, soundness, capabilities, limitations, age and personality... whether they'll go on to be a show horse, trail partner, kid's pony or "pasture puff", we always put them first when screening prospective adopters. Horses cannot be resold once in a home and will always come back to WRR if something does not work out with their home.

We do ask that if your horse needs to be picked up, travel expenses are covered. Additionally, a donation to assist with intake expenses is greatly appreciated, but not required.


Rehoming Resources and things toConsider

We get weekly, if not daily requests for abandoned, neglected and unwanted equines... or we receive messages from owners that simply need help finding a new home for their equine. There are more horses in need than rescue resources, so we ask that you do the best you can for your horse within your own capabilities. You have options!

When Selling or Re-Homing your horse:

  • You can use the same process of adoption that we implement, and feel free to use our Adoption Application and contract as a guideline. Screening potential buyers is OKAY and the responsible thing to do!
  • Ask for references (ESPECIALLY if rehoming your horse without a fee... free horses are more likely to end up in kill buyer's hands or on the road to slaughter)
  • Ask for their vet and farrier contact information
  • Ask for photos of their current fencing, shelter/barn and current equines
    You can also require a contract, to ensure your horse won't end up in a bad situation, if the new owner is unable to keep your equine for any reason.

There are many platforms to use when listing your equine. Facebook has many horse groups. Check for local-to-you groups. Craigslist is a decent site to utilize. Print out flyers and post them in local feed stores, community boards, at rodeo or show grounds, etc.

You can also consider Leasing Your Horse:
Leasing your horse is an option that may provide relief from both the financial aspects of horse ownership and the day-to-day care of the horse, without the risk of giving up ownership. Most full leases require the lessee to pay for board, hay and grain, and routine vet and farrier care. The lessee in turn has full use of the horse. Another option is a shared Lease, meaning the care costs are split with a lessee in exchange for riding privileges. Additional information regarding leasing options can be found on the Internet. Please research and make careful decisions as to
how the lease should be structured.

If your horse is old, handicapped and/or needing a place to retire quietly, please research retirement facilities and long-term sanctuaries. These would better fit your situation.

One Last Thing

The most difficult thing to accept is that humane, loving euthanasia is a kinder option than sending your horse off to an unknown fate. We have received many horses who lived in one home for many, many years... only to come to us confused, angry and depressed. We've seen even the healthiest horses spiral due to this fact. It's quite difficult for them to adapt to an entirely new normal with new faces, and has become one of the most difficult things to watch in our rescue experience.

If you need financial assistance for humane euthanasia, please contact us

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